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Hotel reservation.

Transportation from & to airport, hotel.

Transportation to chosen wholesale center, factory and any place customers want to.

Arrange meeting with factory.

The whole process translator, consultation service.

Lunch and supper.

Trip report & Order collection.

China Buying Trip Program

Our buying trip program will take customer to the largest wholesale market (exhibit by factory owners around China) in the World, where not many buying agents or trading companies willing to show you. Our program is designed to increase transparency which allowed each customer to be independent in their buying decision, choice of supplier, fully functional and feel confident in China. Each customer will learn every aspect of direct import & export procedure.

Our buying trip programs are open to all retailer, wholesaler, hotelier, interior designer, architects, project contractors, etc. who are interested in saving more money by buying directly from China. When you join our buying trip, we will disclose where & how to buy, at what quality & prices you can pay. We will show you the buying places, that most times only local people know of.

Following are the markets that you can choose from:

Wholesale CenterProduct
The World's largest furniture centerHotel & Household & Office Furniture
The World’s largest building ceramic centerBuilding ceramics
The world’s largest building decoration centerBuilding decoration materials
The world’s largest sanitary ware centerSanitary ware
The World's largest lighting centerLighting
Kitchen utensil & hotel supply & hardware centerKitchenware & hotel supply hardware
Toys & gift centerToy & Gift

China Buying Trip Service Includes
1. Hotel reservation.
2. Transportation from & to airport, hotel.
3. Transportation to chosen wholesale center, factory and any place customers want to.
4. Arrange meeting with factory.
5. The whole process translator, consultation service.
6. Lunch and supper.
7. Trip report & Order collection.
DaysCost/person in USD

The beginning day is arrival day, the finishing day is leaving day. For example, if you arrive on Jan 1, and leave on Jan3, it is 3 days trip.
We have contract with all 4 and 5 star hotels, you can share our special hotel price after becoming our member.

When you leave ChinaOur duty
No order during this tripFinishSend trip report
Place order during
this trip
Production status will be informed timely Charge 8% of
purchase amount
as commission.
Quality inspection will be done from the beginning till the end.
Package inspection.
Arrange shipping with competitive rate.
Loading goods into container safely, report with images will be sent
by e-mail at the same day.
Guarantee export procedure can pass China Custom successfully.
Provide Custom clearance documents, such as commercial invoice,
packing list, bill of lading, C/O, etc within 5 days after loading.

Combined container shipping service is provided (If you buy from several factories, each of them is small quantity, we can arrange several factories’ goods combined in one container).
Shipping goods by LCL service is provided.

Payment Terms:
Please book your China Buying Trip at least 10 days before the arrival date, especially in the peak season of China exhibition months--March, April, August and October. A 50% deposit of the buying trip cost is required. The balance is to be paid on the first day of the buying trip. For last minute booking, please feel free to contact us for more details. Once we received your payment we will e-mail the confirmation and further arrangement.

Bank detail:
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