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Hotel reservation.

Transportation from & to airport, hotel.

Transportation to chosen wholesale center, factory and any place customers want to.

Arrange meeting with factory.

The whole process translator, consultation service.

Lunch and supper.

Trip report & Order collection.


1. You plan to buy Chinese merchandize, but you are not familiar with China industry, manufactory, geography situation, local language, etc.

You need directly buying management.

2. You have begun buying in China, but always run into bad quality control, delivery time delay, no after-sale service, etc. Or you haven’t begun, but plan to set up your own representative/agent in China, to collect information, handle all affairs.

You need Supply chain management and a buying agent

3. You intend to expand your business to the whole world by buying China merchandize, or expand it to China.

You need a business partner

4. You plan to do OEM in China, so you need a third-part to evaluate, cull available manufactories, and do inspection after fixing the supplier.

You need project management


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