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Hotel reservation.

Transportation from & to airport, hotel.

Transportation to chosen wholesale center, factory and any place customers want to.

Arrange meeting with factory.

The whole process translator, consultation service.

Lunch and supper.

Trip report & Order collection.

Buying agent / Supply Chain management

Whether you have begun buying from China or just plan to do it, you probably have met or will meet many problems like:
Bad quality control and after-sale service,
Delivery time delay,
No body can keep you well informed and in time,
Factory close down suddenly without any aurae.

To solve all the worries so that you can focus on marketing, we offer Supply Chain management. We take the role of your buying agent to be your eyes and ears.

By this offer, you can:
Save buying cost;
Shorten delivery time;
Guarantee the quality;
Evaluate suppliers termly;
Be informed well and in time;

Our sole value-added service is we can collect new product information and sample constantly so that you can expand your product lines and get more and more competitive.

If you have begun buying from China:
All your transaction record with your comments is required;
All your suppliers will be investigated;
If you just plan to buy from China, we will:
Clarify and analyze your sourcing needs;
Identify target suppliers;

One of our staff will be appointed to follow all your orders. The real situation will be reported in English with detail and image;
Supplier evaluation will be done termly;
Your own database will be set up;
We will keep close eye on your business industry, all related news will be collected.

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